Our story & vision

About Bacxitium®

Who are we?

Bacxitium was founded in 2020 with a mission to improve animal care, simplify the daily routines of those responsible for animal welfare, and introduce a new generation of green care products to contribute to sustainability efforts. This mission drives us every day.

Our founding team brings backgrounds in pharmaceuticals and medical device industries, contributing their expertise to innovate animal care alongside pet owners, veterinarians, and other veterinary experts. Today, our team consists of professionals specializing in animal health and product development, continuously striving to enhance our offerings to meet the needs of our customers in their busy lives.

We aim to build partnerships and collaborations with organizations, veterinarians, and pet owners worldwide to ensure our products reach those who need them most. Currently, we support a variety of organizations aligned with our mission of enhancing animal welfare.

Products from Bacxitium®

Our product series

Bacxitium® is a natural, gentle, and effective care series for wounds and skin disorders in all animals. Bacxitium® is designed to:

Eliminate harmful microorganisms: Bacxitium® effectively combats bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi on wounds and skin in animals. It helps prevent infections and supports the natural healing process.

Be 100% natural: Our product is composed entirely of natural ingredients, making it gentle on animals’ skin, human skin, and the environment.

Enhance animals’ quality of life: Bacxitium® is developed with the aim of providing the best possible care for animals and promoting their well-being.

Our primary customer groups include:

Pet Owners: Our products, especially Bacxitium®, are available to private pet owners who want to ensure the best possible care and healing for their pets. This includes owners of dogs, cats, horses, livestock, and other pets.

Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics: Veterinarians and veterinary clinics are a crucial customer group for us. They use our products as an integral part of their treatment protocols to ensure the animals they care for receive the best possible care.

Retail: We collaborate with retail channels to make our products available to a wider customer base, including supermarkets, pet stores, and online retailers.

Agricultural Sector: Within agriculture, our products are relevant to breeders and farmers who need effective solutions to treat wounds and skin disorders in livestock.

Animal Care Facilities: Animal care facilities, including shelters and boarding kennels, use our products to ensure that animals under their care receive the necessary care and treatment.